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Please click the registration link above to select day & classes, remember that classes are limited and based on first come first serve.  (Annual Pricing subject to change) Thank you


1st Child - $40.00​ 
2nd Child - $35.00
(Each additional immediate family member $35.00)

Tuition:   A students monthly tuition will be determined upon class registration depending on the number of hours per week elected when a student is enrolled in our dance program and is due on the first class of the month and no later than the 10th of each month. Student tuition is based on number of class hours per week with discounts for each class added to your weekly schedule. Example: 1 hour class per week $57, 2 hour classes per week $77, 3 hour classes per week $97. All class discounts will apply automatically when selecting more than 1 class hour per week when registering online or in studio. Payments made after the 10th of the month will incur an additional $10 Late Tuition Fee. Monthly payments are based on total classes from September - June divided into ten payments *(Not number of classes your child attends per month)*.  

Multi-Student Family Discount: A 10% Multi-student Family discounts will apply for each additional immediate family membership, this discount will automatically apply when registering online or in studio. Example: 1st family student $57 per month for a 1 hour class per week, 2nd family student $51.30 per month for a 1 hour class per week. The same will apply for each additional immediate family membership. 

Recital Fee: $75 for the 1st child & $60 for each additional student of your immediate family is due April 1st. This fee is used for the lease of the auditorium, programs, tickets, scenery, props, etc. for our annual recital held in June. A $10 Late Fee will be added if not paid by April 1st due date. Due to COVID19 and the potential of a pause, recital fee(s) have been moved to April 1st due date rather than the original due date in the fall. This measure implements the event recital may be paused due to health department recommendations. Recital is scheduled each dance season for mid-June. The April 1st due date for recital fee will ensure we have a general proximity of holding recital in June. In the event recital is cancelled or postponed, recital fee(s) will not be refunded but held as credit to apply for the next available event. 

Costumes: ALL Students  Costume fee(s) will be due in February to ensure we have time to order for recital and any additional performances. Costumes will not be ordered for students without full deposit, NO EXCEPTIONS.  All costume balances are due in full upon receipt of invoices prior to costumes being handed out to students. Please remember to register online  payments accepted only with a valid credit or debit card.

** NOTE: Registration, Recital , Costume Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE FEES. ALL RETURNED CHECKS WILL BE CHARGED A $30 BANK FEE.

MEMBERSHIP: Little Red Dance Studio, Inc. reserves the right to cancel student membership for any reason necessary such as non-payment or late payment of tuition, disruptive or dangerous behavior. Members will be charged for all lessons up to the time you notify the studio of your decision to cancel membership IN WRITING.  Thank you! 


We offer several Fundraisers throughout the school year to include the popular Zap a' Snack Pizza & Cookies for students to earn credit toward tuition expenses. Students will be informed and encouraged to participate, however, all Fundraisers are optional.

Students may take part in some or all the Fundraisers they would like. Credit may be used towards costumes, tuition, and merchandise.

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